Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Jessica's Christening at Lisloughrey Lodge

Over the weekend I went out the very scenic Cong to photograph the Christening of a beautiful baby girl.  Jessica is 3 and a half months and a very happy and smiley baby. 

There is something wonderful about Christenings, it's so emotional and pure when a child gets blessed by the holy water. I would love photograph them more often!

There were three babies getting christened on the day and there was a really lovely atmosphere around as everybody knew each other within the small town community.

The day was unseasonably warm and bright and after the ceremony even a rainbow appeared! A beautiful dinner was held afterwards in Lisloughrey Lodge where they have truly outdone themselves with the table setting, featuring Jessica's little shoes. I love going out to new locations with my job and seeing such splendid views like the Lodge offers. Have a look below!


  1. These are stunning Julia - out done yourself again xx

    1. You're very sweet Saibh! I value your feedback! xx


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