Thursday, 28 March 2013

30 Days of Gratitude

Last month, I took on the challenge set by Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce during their CreativeLIVE workshop to film something every day for 30 days.
The idea is to record something each day that makes you happy, grateful and inspired and do so in a creative way. 
Then edit it, using only the best footage, into a piece under 2 minutes.

I learned so much over the course of the month - about film-making and myself! Everywhere I go, I see beautiful shots to shoot now.
This project deepened my love for the every day things. My bed, my cat, my job, my boyfriend's kind face, cup of coffee, my mom (who travelled a long way to see me), the earth, the country I live in... Home.

30 Days of Gratitude - Home from Wonderfulife Productions on Vimeo.

The incredible song in the video is by Matt Harvey from Triple Scoop Music. 

Thank you for watching.

Be happy and well,

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