Sunday, 17 March 2013

Snippets of Saint Patrick's Day

I normally tend to ditch Galway on Saint Patrick's Day and take a spin out the country to avoid all the messiness.

This year however, I popped to town for a little while. We watched a bit of the parade with my boyfriend Kenny and then headed to the Oslo in Salthill for some chips and tea.

Afterwards, we took a spin out to Menlo Castle and the scenery there is just breath-taking. I took heaps of pictures there too which I will put up soon.

For dinner I cooked bacon & cabbage, for the day that's in it!

These were my favourite images from the day:

When I saw this couple, I thought they were the sweetest and had the aura of real Ireland. They were kind enough to let me take their picture.

I couldn't take me eyes of this girl, with her matching green enseble!

Bank of Ireland and the tricolour.

A sea of green hats...

I would love to hear people's opinion on what is the best way to celebrate Paddy's Day, whether you go all out or take it easy!

Be happy and well,

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