Monday, 1 April 2013

Winner of I love Mondays Competition

Recently, I put on the competition where I asked people to take a photo of what makes them happy on a Monday.

I would like to present you with the winner, Caterina Lodo with her submission:

'I love Mondays because they always feel like a new beginning, a new sun rising to start over new.'

Love that. It really does capture the essence of Mondays for me. I feel like if I don't get something done during the week, I can start again on a Monday with a clean shield. Mondays are an opportunity.

Have a look at more of Caterina's work below. She is an experimentative photographer, digital artist and illustrator and has such a fun way of looking at things. Following her work keeps my feed interesting!

'Houses of the Sea' by Caterina Lodo

Film Photography - 'Carousel' & 'Beers & Sightseeing'

A project aimed to show the problem of litter, in a funny and entertaining way

Caterina is from Italy, but lives in Galway, Ireland and is never idle. Her portfolio is full of inspiring corners of the world that she visited. 

'That's the Right Door, on the Right'

'Flight at Tea Time' & 'That Time I wanted to Fly'
Find more of her work here:

Caterina also took our headshots for our new website currently in development and I can't wait to share them with you!

I am definitely going to keep giving Mondays some love and keep taking photos at the start of every week. If you have any photos to share on a Monday, tweet them to @wonderfulifeIRL with #ilovemondays

Be happy and well,

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