Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Susie & Ronan at Doonbeg Lodge

Susie and Ronan got married on an amazing day earlier on in the year when it was not as cold as now *brr*! That gave an opportunity to experience the most scenic drive out through the Burren up to Doonbeg Lodge where the reception took place.

You may find that the selection of images is a little different than my usual real weddings. That is because, for the first time, I was second shooting a wedding! I was assisting the wonderful Cara Gardener From Cara Mia Photography. She is such a positive person and easy to work with I am so happy she asked me to come along!

The couple had a stunning black tie wedding at a marquee among rolling green hills of a golf resort surrounded by the beach. A real fairy tale setting with some really cute details. One of my favorite ideas was the polaroid camera that they left out for the guests. It was such a hit that the guests found it hard to sit down for dinner because they were enjoying the pictures so much! The camera is an Instax Mini 7s - you can get one yourself here.

I knew from Cara that the bride was very sweet and relaxed but when she volunteered during the portrait session to take her shoes off and walk across the Burren rocks, I knew we were in for a fun day!

See for yourself...


  1. These are so beautiful Julia. I absolutely love them, gorgeous setting and gorgeous decor.. what a lovely couple! Well done. Your work shines like the sun x

    1. Thank you, that is such a sweet thing to say! x


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