Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine & Day Trip to Cong

My boyfriend Kenny and I decided not to do the traditional thing for Valentine's and go for a dinner when it's jam-packed in restaurants. Instead we took a drive out the country yesterday - we do the same on St. Patrick's day!

I of course took my new friend, Canon 6d with me also.

We went to Cong (Ashford Castle area) - I absolutely love that spot. 

There is definitely something magic in the air there.

Here I am, completely in my element.

As you can see, we got some fabulous weather for it!

And lastly a little eye candy. Yum.

The cupcakes are made by Jennie from The Cupcake Bakery and they are absolutely scrumptious.

If anybody would like to know what settings the photos were taken at, just get in touch! I am also planning to put on a photography quick course in town soon.

Be happy and well,


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