Monday, 27 January 2014

Style by Anna

I first met Anna at one of Galway's networking events, but I was familiar with her Style by Anna page on facebook a good while before then! She collects the nicest snippets of fashion, decor and home inspiration and teases you with them on a daily basis. Anna is a stylist and an online marketing expert at In-Tuition and one of the most effortlessly stylish ladies I've ever met. 

To take her head-shots seemed like the most natural thing ever. We took to the streets of Galway for some fun, relaxed snaps and had a tea and chatted life and photography at Cup├ín Tae. I instantly knew we'll get along, as we share a lot of interests (anyone who loves cats is a friend of mine) and she radiates this infectious positivity - as you can see in these photos!

If you'd like such pretty photos taken yourself, give me a shout, hey. I promise  I'll be really nice and we'll create something amazing.

Anna has already seen her photos and this is what she said: '"You have a special gift in capturing the essence of your subject! Thank you so much. I'm so happy with them. I am going to push potential clients your way."


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