Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dublin's Fair City

I was up in Dublin for a day this weekend to see my boyfriend perform stand-up comedy in The Twisted Pepper. The gig went well for him, he was getting a great response for the audience.

It's much drier up in Dublin so I got to take a few snaps of the city with my new wide angle lens extension (a much cheaper alternative to a proper wide angle lens).

Dublin, although I've only been there a few times doesn't feel alien to me at all and it's a very nice place. Although you do unfortunately feel more conscious of where your wallet is and what corner you take. Also, I miss a bit of greenery in the city centre, which is very unusual compared to the rest of the country :)

I suppose the best way to sum up Dublin is in the words of the brillian Ronnie Drew:

"Raised on songs & stories, heroes of re-known
The passing tales & glories that once was Dublin town
The hallowed halls & houses, the haunting childrens' rhymes
That once was Dublin city in the rare ould times

"...'Cause Dublin keeps on changing & nothing stays the same
The Pillar & the Met have gone, the Royal long since pulled down
As the great unyielding concrete makes a city of my town

Fare thee well sweet Anna Liffey, I can no longer stay
& watch the new glass cages, that spring up along the quay
My mind's too full of memories, too old to hear new chimes
I'm part of what was Dublin in the rare ould times

Sweet Anna Liffey

The Quay Lights

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